Trailbroke® Bitless Bridle Nosepieces


April 22, 2015  This site under construction. Be back soon!

Upgrading photos.  Some colors posted below.


Paracord Bridles $25.00   --   Large 5/8" Paracord Bridles $30.00  --  Mohair Bridles $35.00

Free Shipping ***  Paypal: please specify color and size (Horse or Arabian/Cobb)

I can make pony and draft sizes but will need measurement across the top of the nose.  I will try a mini too have never made one!

General Sizing: Horse 12" Noseband, Arab/Cobb 11" Noseband, Draft-Mule-Donkey 13" Noseband, Pony 10" Noseband
You can custom measure from where the bridle attaches on either side and I will make a custom size.

Standard Bridles upgraded to 1/2" rope for added stability.  I am also making with 5/8" rope a much bigger and sturdier nosepiece.

Reflective colors coming soon!  They have a silver strip running through them so they reflect in the shade!  Neon Orange, Neon Purple, Bright Blue and Red.  Waiting for a delivery and will post as soon as I get them made up.  They will be $25 each.

From left below: Mohair (Tan or Chocolate Brown), Bright Blue, Camouflage, Black and White, Large 5/8" in Purple, Red, White and Blue, Lime Green and Orange.  Many new colors!


From left: Rainbow, Turquoise w/rainbow ends, Baby Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Deere



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